Our lodge offers accommodation in 5 spacious rooms with king-size beds, each room with its own bathroom (equiped with toilet and shower) and television set. One of the rooms is located on the ground floor, with direct access from the courtyard, while the other four are on the upper level, with a common access into a balcony overlooking the main lake and the pier.

The main building facilities also include a large living-room (can accommodate up to 50 people), access to a fully-fitted kitchen and a terrace with seating for up to 16 people. Also at your disposal are 4 wooden huts (accommodation 2 persons each, fitted with a squat toilet), situated on the shore of the lake.

Clean-up is performed daily and food can be prepared and served on request (with one day's notice necessary for specific dishes). The location also features a micro-farm that provides daily organic products (milk, eggs, dairy products, etc.).

Inside the yard of the main lodge there is a grill and outdoor oven, as well as a cast-iron kettle for the ones wishing a traditional sour fish soup. Meals can be served in the main dining room, as well as in the garden kiosk and at the wooden table in the yard. Also, please consider that the drinking water we provide is fresh spring water.