We pride ourselves in our fish farm, which uses fully organic aquaculture methods and ingredients to grow a small variety of popular species of fish. The "Eco Fishing" establishment only allows for sport fishing, allowing the chance for every fisherman that visits us to land sizeable catches on our pond.

Our 5.5 hectare-wide lakes lie just next to the lodge, so you can easily step onto our pier, or into a boat, and cast your fishing rod out for one of our carps (there are mirror carps, Romanian carps). You'll also find a small trout farm (approximately 120m2) adjacent to the main lake, holding a culture of rainbow trout (with most around 200-250 grams large). Originally a North-American species, the rainbow trout is wider than the indigenous trout and regularly reaches 400-1,500g in weight. It excels in rapid growth and resistance to temperature variations. As such, it is widely used in fisheries, adapting easily to growth in captivity.

The main pond is recommended for more impressive catches, hosting fish of up to 15kg in size, with most being around the average of 2kg though. Thus be sure to bring adequate fishing tools and keep them handy to avoid any unpleasant surprises.